What is it that I loved to do? What made time disappear for me? How do I find and harness my passion? What creative ways can I think of to make a living in the mountains?

I made a list of all the things that I love to do. Then I explored each one. People engage in hobbies and interests all the time, so it could literally be staring me in the face! I needed to find a niche, something that I loved that people wanted to see.

I didn't have to look very far to realise Jindabyne was part of the picture, my happy place. Capturing joy, beauty and the uniqueness of the Australian Alpine was not really work. Sending out daily affirmations to Jindy lovers around the country, (and the world) was feeding my soul as well as everybody else I reached. So, For the Love of Jindabyne was born (est. 2016).

Eventually, the whole thing just snowballed (see what I did there?) and this website and my Social Media Management business came to life. I invite you to join in and share the joy. Claim a little keepsake and tag me in your pics @fortheloveofjindabyne or #LoveJindy, I'd love to see them!